Optimize Your Business with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

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DSS is a Leader in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

At DSS, our commitment to your success means that we stay at the forefront of leading–edge technologies and leverage them to improve your business processes and your bottom line. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we have developed Sherlock, our proprietary AI inferencing engine, and Data Entry Assistant, an AI-powered forms recognition tool.


Sherlock is DSS’s proprietary AI inferencing engine. Sherlock uses the power of artificial intelligence to comb through the data in your object store and tell you what’s there. You can also run queries and ask Sherlock to search for specific characteristics. Sherlock has the following capabilities, with more being added all the time:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Forms recognition
  • Two types of facial recognition
  • Object detection
  • Segmented text in images
  • Transcription
  • And many more.
Detection of people
Face detection

How does Sherlock work?

Sherlock is a server that runs in the back end of your object store. As long as your object store is capable of notifying Sherlock when objects are created, Sherlock will go to work and tell you what those objects contain.

Get a handle on your data with Sherlock.

The vast capacity of object stores presents a handy solution to the exponentially increasing amounts of data that need to be stored somewhere, but vast amounts of unidentified data can be overwhelming, costing you money and time. Sherlock is here to help. Contact us today.


Data Entry Assistant is our forms recognition tool. Powered by AI, Data Entry Assistant can review any kind of form and extract relevant data from the fields in that form. It will also confirm the validity of the data. With Data Entry Assistant, your staff no longer has to do manual data entry and can spend more time paying individualized attention to your customers.

>> Our in-house experts developed Data Entry Assistant by training a computer vision AI model with more than 1,000 documents from a manufacturer.

>> Data Entry Assistant has a user-friendly interface that allows for easy uploads. It can also process PDF email attachments.

>> Once Data Entry Assistant receives a form, it recognizes data fields on the form and determines the values in those fields.

>>Next, Data Entry Assistant validates the data. It will check customer addresses against the company customer records to ensure accuracy. When a form lists a part number, Data Entry Assistant will access your inventory list and confirm that the part number exists and that its pricing is correct.

On rare occasions, Data Entry Assistant receives data that is unrecognizable. When this happens, it will create a report with all of the unidentifiable data so that you can review it.

Are you ready to automate the repetitive task of inputting forms? Data Entry Assistant is highly customizable. We will work with you to develop a solution that addresses your specific challenges. Contact us today to make manual data entry a thing of the past.