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DSS provides IT services and solutions that deliver enterprise business systems our clients want and need, for today and the future. Our ability to translate information into digestible insights and our demonstrated competency in descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis separates us from the pack.


Managed Services

Our Managed Services enable companies to develop a great strategy to help your IT organization be highly resilient and cost predictable, year to fiscal year.

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Professional Services

Our Professional Services include consulting engagements, application development, assessments, End-2-End planning and solutions, Solution Delivery, on-site and remote residents, and IT transformational services.

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Application Services

The DSS application teams deliver modern application development methodologies, tools, infrastructures, and work cultures enabling responsive, intuitive, and mission-focused solutions for our customers.

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Cyber Recovery & Ransomware

Our Cyber Recovery & Ransomware consulting services ensure our client’s ability to protect and quickly recover their data and applications quickly in the event of a cyber attack or ransomware event.

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Core Technologies & Expertise

The DSS team is specialized in delivering world class services, deploying OEM tools, configured to the right specification. Since all customers have unique requirements for service and support, we provide the right talent, at the right time, for the right solution.

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We analyze data and discover patterns on behalf of our clients, to optimize workflows, provide strategic technical insights into design, development, strategic planning and execution.

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