Core Technologies & Expertise

Companies today need to acquire the data, technologies and expertise they want, when they need it. We have intentionally built a team at DSS that has the skills and expertise across a broad range of information technologies to support and service every client’s unique requirements.

The growth of data and storage is the biggest factor driving IT Infrastructure change. Data must be accessible as quickly as possible and scalable with the ability to accommodate growth. We build solutions that are smart in matching varying types of data with appropriate storage technology, reducing active management and costly forklift upgrades. We help our clients realize the benefits of these data requirements using our expertise of the technologies required to build and maintain a resilient infrastructure.

We use certified tools and processes to ensure that our clients’ infrastructure is not compromised. We leverage a broad range of professional services for optimal results. We offer Assessments Storage as a Service (STaaS), Server Administration, Virtualization, Migrations, Agile Application Development, Data Backup/Restore, Archiving and more.


By using our extensive expertise in deploying, configuring, operating, and monitoring large-scale SAN and NAS storage environments, DSS can deliver the resources needed to bring efficiencies and performance to your storage environment. This includes designing and implementing major storage architectures and management platforms; Switches, Arrays, and Appliances.

We’re able to collect, review, and analyze existing storage environment attributes to identify needs and make recommendations which increase utilization, performance, and cost savings. This unique capability is enabled by our extensive use, deployment, and management of centralized Storage Resource Management tools.

DSS is agnostic when it comes to selecting a storage solution and works with customers to identify the best SAN / NAS options to innovate and accelerate transformation.

Object, File and Block Storage Formats

Our team has more than 100 years collectively of demonstrated expertise with these storage formats. Understanding the pros and cons of each storage format and how it improves the application and system performance, we can deploy and manage the proper solutions based on business needs. When it comes to unstructured data, many organizations today are creating digital content with voluminous workflows and petabytes of technical and rich content, causing unrelenting growth of unstructured data.

Intelligent data management and cost-effective storage solutions from DSS and our partners uniquely addresses the growing problem by reducing both operating and capital expenditure costs associated with managing large amounts of content across complex storage networks.

Data Protection & Resiliency

The DSS team can enable your data resiliency capabilities by reducing overall operational and maintenance costs related to your data infrastructure. We use our practical experience with data archiving, deduplication, backups, and other data management processes, which help organize data, improve access and archiving methodologies, ultimately leading to improved data integrity and infrastructure health.

Our industry expertise with disk and tape-based data backup systems that offer continuous, near-continuous and incremental backups that enable data recovery after data loss or hardware failure in a live system has benefitted many of our clients.

Migrations & Transfer

We have the expertise in data, hardware / platform migrations to support data center migration, replacements, and technology changes with minimal to no operational disruption. Our success in complex migrations is achieved by thorough planning, relating dependencies and limiting factors, risk identification and management, and using proven methodologies and technologies.


Our skilled, technical experts lead in the planning and execution of deploying virtualization technologies for your computer and storage resources. Let the DSS team plan and support your transition to benefit from the low cost of deployment, full resource utilization, operational and power cost savings.

Agile Development

The DSS application and tools team deliver modern application development strategies, methodologies, and tools using today’s platforms and work cultures enabling responsive, intuitive, and mission-focused solutions for our customers. By applying Agile techniques at scale, we build applications designed to be resilient and scalable.

We also use our talented team to support and deliver on special requests from our clients to address specific needs for reporting and integration with other COTS and GOTS products.

Data Analytics & Visualization

At DSS we are delivering relevant data and analytics value using modern big data technologies. Our clients leverage our expertise to realize gains in the ease of complex reporting for strategic and regulatory purposes. They benefit by using embeddable analytics, to monetizing and deliver high-value data sets. Our team of developers and analysts stand ready to help with your big data challenges.

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