Advisory Services

Our advisors leverage over 3 decades of experience, multiple industry certifications, a network of relationships, and partners to increase client satisfaction. We assess client input data and discover patterns to provide strategic technical insights into methods, design, development, strategic planning and execution of prescribed solutions.


The DSS infrastructure assessments have been a key differentiator in our service offerings. Our clients benefit from fully transparent reporting of their Storage Infrastructure, for Data Center Migrations and Capacity Planning and Assessments. Our extensive reports show unused resources, obsolete snapshots and backups, performance bottlenecks, and ways of optimizing their infrastructure. We collaborate with key stakeholders to understand their environment, deploy our toolset, and review outputs together. This allows our team to create future state roadmaps, develop CON-OPS, and deploy the right solution. We have the flexibility to manage your environment remotely or on-premise.

Strategic Planning

We work collaboratively with all impacted business units to facilitate continuity and integration with other business plans and strategies. You want to build new apps, migrate data, lift and shift applications, upgrade or replace core systems, or any other technical needs? We can help.

IT Cost Management

Whether on premise or offsite, data centers are becoming more complex. Our team of experts make it easier to maximize the value of your new and existing investments. Our application development team can customize our in-house solutions to provide “true cost transparency” for your IT environment. Our tools provide visibility into your data storage use and consumption, computer environment, and application use and performance. Our clients benefit from our customized look-back, chargeback model where departmental billing requirements exist. Our findings and recommendations provide key inputs into strategic planning. Our goal is to help clients optimize their IT spend and right-size their technology budget.

Acquisition Support

DSS is uniquely positioned to leverage its long-standing, strong relationships with industry leading OEM’s of software and hardware solutions. We provide acquisition services to all our clients as needed. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience as a resource assisting our clients with; market research, an agnostic evaluation of products, leading due diligence meetings, developing cost/price and best value reports, our recommendations, and proposal development. We proactively manage our OEM and partner relationships to ensure that subcontractors and teammates have the correct qualifications and meet overall compliance requirements vital for our clients, are met.

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