Professional Services

Our Professional Services include consulting engagements, application development, assessments, End-2-End planning and solutions, Solution Delivery, on-site and remote residents, and IT transformational services. Our services focus on the technology, so you can focus on the business. We also provide sound technical insights to help you make the right technology decisions going forward. For your IT services, you can count on DSS Professional Services experts to apply their industry-leading experience and best practices to your unique needs.

Application Services

The DSS application and tools team deliver modern application development strategies, methodologies, tools, and work cultures enabling responsive, intuitive, and mission-focused solutions for our customers.

  • Agile  Apply Agile techniques at scale, tailored to our customers, promoting delivery of value.
  • Application Design & Development  Build applications designed to be resilient and scalable leveraging modern application platforms, tools and techniques
  • Application Integration  Provide services to optimize collaboration and automation of value flow from development to deployment to operations.
  • Application Modernization – Develop services to efficiently evaluate and transform legacy applications that are optimized for modern platforms and aligned with business objectives.
  • Customer and User Experience – Create human-centered design to align systems and services with user needs, increasing performance and end-user satisfaction.

 End-2-End Planning and Solutions

As an end to end solutions provider we leverage our proven methodologies to address technology, process and people. We partner with our extensive network of experts to amplify DSS services. We establish on-premise and/or remote IT resources that are measurable and provide cost transparency to drive workload decisions. DSS recognizes that to remain relevant in today’s IT environment, businesses and IT must be flexible and agile. Our solutions team will help you build and support new business initiatives that provide IT services and data in new locations, deal with surges in compute and storage needs, support new customer-facing. Agility needs are not just raising upping the ante’ but are changing the rules of engagement. DSS is here to help by defining use strategies and alignment with business demands and creating transformational roadmaps to become and remain agile.

Solution Delivery

Solution Delivery is at the core of every successful consulting project. To ensure success, DSS has a proven best practice that can be customized to support projects of various size and scope. Instrumental to the proven practice outlined above is the role of Technical Project Management. A DSS Consultant, with the right technical expertise, will manage projects from Initiation to Release and effectively communicate all issues risks and changes to the Client Team and to the Consulting Team. Providing the proper status reports and open communication will help ensure the Project stays on time and on budget, with a focus on client satisfaction.

Let us help you with implementation plans and delivery of Platform, Application or Data solutions and migrations, application development, policies, and SLAs for managed services. Call us at 571-293-9477.

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