Cyber Recovery & Ransomware Solutions

Unfortunately, every day we are reading about another organization that has fallen victim to a Ransomware attack. Threat actors have become more sophisticated and many businesses, large and small, are paying large sums of money to them in order to simply return to operations. However, there is good news. With the right review and preparation, you can protect your company from falling victim to these threats.

Many service providers may suggest an overwhelming strategy for protection, that will take significant time and money to implement, while the RISK remains. At DSS, we believe in a much more targeted approach to address what really matters first. We begin by asking one simple question:

If your organization experienced a Ransomware attack today, WHAT is required to get the business back up and servicing your customers immediately?

Because this is really the only thing that matters.

A wholistic application recovery approach is key. Some providers will claim to protect your data, but that’s only part of the equation. What good is the data, if the systems your employees and customers use to access the data aren’t available?

The DSS Cyber Recovery Solution will work in partnership with you and your business teams to quickly assess your application portfolio’s recovery needs. We will then review your current environment, noting any gaps, before recommending a solution that ensures your entire organization can be back up and running quickly in the event of any Ransomware event.

If you want confidence in your Cyber Recovery capabilities, contact us today to begin the assessment.

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