IT Operations & Integration

The stakes of managing complex infrastructures are moving higher. Our team positions itself to facilitate our client’s ability to better utilize IT tools and resources to proactively manage, monitor and modernize their operations by driving the right processes around faster resolution and improvements.

The DSS team of professionals has vast experience with running day to day, mission critical business platforms, applications and data storage infrastructure. We’ve spent many years in the design, acquisition, build, integration and day to day support of robust, scalable, interdependent business systems that support business requirements today and deliver superior customer experience for the future. Our longstanding and strong relationships with industry leading vendors, and their tools, position us as an ideal partner when considering your operation and integration needs.

DSS approaches integration as an end-to-end process, from vendor to client. Our holistic strategy is a big picture view that is in lockstep with your business strategy. It involves the understanding of the architecture of multiple systems, the uniqueness, features, and flaws of these systems, and the challenges in making them successfully work together.

You can trust DSS with your operation and integration needs.

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