Storage Infrastructure Improvements


Our client is a large multinational financial, software, data and media company that provides equity platforms, data services and news to financial companies and organizations.
The DSS Role

DSS was contracted to perform an agnostic assessment of the current backup infrastructure which spanned 3 data centers, with consideration for consolidating into 2 data centers, assess the backup systems and staffing requirements, baseline current capacity, identify risks, develop remediation plans and strategies for a more robust environment.

Our Approach

As a vendor neutral IT service provider DSS was able to collaboratively work with our client’s IT staff to assess the current environment to include all backup applications and devices from multiple vendors; to include disk and tape libraries; identify and develop remediation plans for configuration, performance, capacity and support issues within the environment.

Client Benefit: Executable Guidance and Plans for a more Robust Backup infrastructure driven by:

  • a detailed written assessment baselining the current infrastructure
  • newly created backup infrastructure with architectural diagrams
  • a new backup schedule manifest
  • system performance metrics and monitoring capabilities
  • short/long-term project plans and methodologies for execution
  • new transparency into their infrastructure for resource, budget and strategic purposes